Are you someone who was catapulted into the real world without the slightest indication of the horrors that awaited them? Maybe you wake up every morning knowing the best part of your work day is the morning poop you take at the office. Perhaps,  you’re just anxiously awaiting Friday while you sit in your cubicle filing out TPS reports. Whether you’re an unmotivated slacker or just trying to fly under the radar  while collecting a paycheck; Office Jockeys has a place for you. Come join the dreadful struggle we all experience, grinding day in and day out at that living hell we all call our employer. From questionable tips on how to outlive the work week to the trials and tribulations of not having sex, check in on the clock to help allocate your suffering. Looking to alleviate the excessive stress and anxiety that comes with the real world? Check out our Submit section and blog away all of your horrific troubles.

Here’s to hopping on that work horse, and racing to the weekend. Drink up, Office Jockeys, its almost Friday.

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Written by DGD