Sex? Never heard of her. Welcome to the commencement of our melancholy section- Sexless in Seattle. Having trouble with women? Do your hands and body perspire profusely on dates? Experiencing mild to severe panic attacks in the atmosphere of women? Have you not been laid since the last Summer Olympics? If so, then you my friend are in the right place. A safe haven, if you will , for guys who can’t close. None of this rings a bell? Congrats asshole, you’re a part of the other 96% of Males and you can F right off.

Week in, Week out, our sex depraved bloggers will devotedly keep you appraised on their attempts in pursuit of that mythical creature, the female. Tune in each week for tips, life hacks and advice on how to inch a little closer to that ultimate goal. Cheers, to being Forever Sexless in Seattle.

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Written by DGD