Month: September 2018

Meeting Mr. Wright

Last night we watched David Wright take his final at bat ending a pretty impressive career. Growing up a New York Mets fan, this is certainly a sad moment for me, but I can’t help but reflect back on our history with our captain. Now I can read […]

Chris Christie is an Eggplant

Uncle Ant is out today, participating in what I only imagine is off the f****ng  grid, so I’ll be filling in for todays Conspiracy lesson: Chris Christie. I know,  at Office Jockeys we typically  won’t pollute your news feed  with the political agenda of today. For that, you have our deepest […]

Bring back FAT

As I sit here writing this article rocking my ty dye shirt with bell bottom jeans, a thought arises, will old shit ever be cool again? Pokémon cards, beanie babies, Virginia slims and dial up internet we’re what made my childhood so memorable. Tell me what’s better than […]