Since the dawn of ages, we as humans have been shoving items into our meat holes that we probably shouldn’t have. From the forbidden fruit of Eden to eating that 3rd hotdog for lunch, we as a species have utterly no control over what we consume and why the hell should we? We’re the f****ng  alpha species. We created fire, civilization, wrote the declaration of independence and stole the declaration of independence. You get the portrait I’m painting here. Ice cream cake for breakfast? Who the hell is stopping you? Drinks after work? Sign me up, the Gym will be there tomorrow. Eat what you want, drink what you want, exercise as little as you please. Shit, we don’t work out to get in shape, we work out occasionally to get fat slower. Life’s about balance my friends. Order that burger with a bun, substitute your caesar salad with cheese induced tater tots. Why? Because the Diet Starts Tomorrow. Check in weekly for competitive food competitions, failed diet attempts and much more.

Working up a bit of an appetite? You’re not alone. Send in your own stories, recipes and experiences to Just put  Diet Starts Tomorrow as the subject line and specify if you wish to be published or stay anonymous. Think you can handle a food challenge? send us your footage to be featured. Stay hungry my friends.


Written by DGD