It’s 10:30 pm and those left overs in the fridge are putting up a convincing argument to be eaten. Who cares you have be up at 5 to grind out another day staring blankly at a LCD screen.

Left over nachos from Chili’s? Bacon wrapped wings from Hooters?  Maybe some elegant ham and mayonnaise doobies? What greasy Phosphate injected treat will you indulge in tonight?

Why don’t you pause there Kobeyashi.  If you eat those delicious bar food left overs you might as well drink concrete, go to sleep, let It harden, wake up and try to proceed with your morning dump. It’s like that scene from Alien when the alien crawls out of that guys stomach…. switch his stomach out for your ass and the alien for A large turd and there’s your imagery.  

Listen bud all I’m saying  you’re not the young steed you once were in your teens. Having the athleticism of all you can eat wings, Chinese, pizza, and all god’s other beautiful creations just isn’t there anymore.  You’re not all the way declined but rest assured, your late 20’s are like the Giants when Plaxico Burress shot himself in the calf….. it’s the beginning of the end for you…. physically that is.

You can still eat all those food and late night munch because here at Office Jockeys we’re not here to try to sway you one way. we’re here solely to inform you on real life situations. Believe me, this food, it’s as real as it gets. Just  know if you’re late night munching you have to pay the pooper the next morning 


P.S. If  you don’t have tums on your night stand right now get off the site.