One of the most exclusive clubs in the world is not in Miami or Barcelona – it is the Club of National Football League Owners. They are often referred to as the “Old Boys Club”. But this article is not here to dissect the NFL and the billionaires that run their respective franchises. Through some thorough research by yours truly, Uncle Ant, I believe there is another “Old Boys Club” that needs to be addressed – the Free Masons.

They run your office and they own the horse your favorite jockey rides upon. But I will save the full story for another day – if I am not kidnapped and silenced before then.

Let us call this Freshman level course FM-1101, but there are no tests and there are no grades. There are only the enlightened and the uninformed.

The history books reveal that humans have been writing down their history for a few thousand years. We have all been taught that the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt were built about 4,000 years ago. Is that true? Were there humans, or other beings, prior to this historical timeline? Did they want to be remembered? Why else would you go through the arduous task of building massive pyramids in a desert unless you wanted to be remembered forever? For those sitting in the back of FM1101, listen up.

If you wanted to build something that lasted forever, or 50,000 years, what would you build? Would you carve your initials into a tree or would you etch your face into the side of mountain? There is façade in the Black Hills Mountains of South Dakota that would serve a perfect place to cement a legacy. Sound familiar? It should sound familiar – this façade is Mountain Rushmore. The faces etched in the side of the mountain are known Free Masons – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. There are geologists who believe that these faces could withstand over 100,000 years of natural weathering, if not more.

(Side Note: Geology was one of the most interesting courses I took in undergrad. Granted, I took the same geology class three times, but interesting none the less. Rocks, bro.)

Why are all these men carved into Mount Rushmore – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Ol’ Teddy – Free Masons? Don’t believe me? Look it up. Why are all their eyes staring towards the eastern horizon? Are they looking at the rising sun? Furthermore, why was the sculpture Gutzon Borglum chosen to carve Mount Rushmore? Did you know that Gutzon Borglum was also the carving mason behind Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia? Unfamiliar with Stone Mountain? The figures – Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis – all gaze off into the horizon. Which direction, you may ask? The east, rising sun, of course.

Many scholars date the practice of eastern facing sculptures to the Ancient Egyptians and their heliocentric worshipping practices. (Vocab Word: Heliocentric – The worship of the sun as the center of everything). But we MUST ask – why did the Ancient Egyptians worship a God that came from the Sun? Even better, why did they document their interactions with the God’s that came from the Sun? The Ancient Egyptians were adamant in their writings regarding these interactions – these were not stories, but accounts of actual events throughout their history. To this day, many historians are baffled that the Egyptians written records include interactions with these God’s that descended from the sky on a regular basis.

What does this mean? Well, Uncle Ant just asks the questions and makes connections. (Uncle Ant also makes homemade Florida Gin. It is terrible, but getting better.)

Why have our founding fathers continued these heliocentric building and sculpture techniques? I do not believe George Washington, in between crossing the Delaware and building THE United States of America, crossed the Atlantic to visit/study the Ancient Egyptian civilization. So why entrench Washington’s gaze, forever, on the rising sun? Was this in homage to the Ancient Egyptians? Was this a coincidence? The technique in which Mount Rushmore was sculpted is exactly how the ancient Egyptians would have dedicated a monument.

The New York Jets may not know that they are in New Jersey. The Pittsburgh Steelers may not know how to handle a once-in-a-generation running back. The Los Angeles Twins (Rams/Chargers) may not know they are not the most popular football team in town (USC Trojans). The Miami Dolphins may not know that they are still searching for a franchise quarterback, even tough they have a “franchise” quarterback. But, the Free Masons may not just be an organization that begin a few hundred years ago. Rather, the Free Masons are a reinvention of an organization that may predate the Romans, Egyptians, and possibly Humans on this planet. The original Old Boys Club may have begun somewhere else in the cosmic soup of this universe.

Uncle Ant can not confirm no deny any and all information contained in this article.

Make today the best day, there are far too few of them.