Welp, it’s about that time again. On behalf of all of us OfficeJockeys, congrats Cleveland Browns for your first win in 635 days. But on the same note, FUCK YOU TYROD TAYLOR. FUCK YOU. This shithead decides to get a concussion (how selfish) the week I bet on the Jets and guess what…the Bakeshow was underfuckingway and there was no stopping this bad man. This is a loss that just makes me laugh honest. How does Vegas always fucking win? Like did they know Tyrod was going to get hurt and Baker was going to overcome a 14-0 deficit? Also, big fuck you to the Morris Claiborne for allowing the Browns a second chance on that 2 point conversion. Without that, the Browns still win but the Jets cover and we all live happily ever after. So go fucking figure.

I am so mad that I don’t even need my lunch beers to write today. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t win but the devil in me says yes you can.

Okay, I’m back and the lunch beer are brewin’. I’m at rock bottom people. I have spent the last 3 days betting the KHL….for those who don’t know it’s Russian Hockey and really I have no idea what it is either but they score a lot and I have been slamming the overs. We are going to pivot our focus on college football this week. NFL has been cleaning my clock so let’s see what we can do Saturday.

NFL picks of the week:

Packers -3

Patriots -7

Cardinals +4.5 (ML is you’re feeling frisky)