Starting a diet can be tough. Most of these diets require you to replace the foods in your diet with healthy foods or even worse vegetables that you ruled out years ago, and for a good reason. After years of intense research, you realized that vegetables or non-fried foods just don’t taste good. Well, we found a solution.

Our friends over at the Epic Life Sauce Company have made a hot sauce which has quickly become an essential part of our diet. Whether you’re trying to add some flavor to that incredibly bland meal, or push that recipe from good to great, Jack Axe Hot Sauce is a great addition to any meal. Dip it. Spread it. Mix it. Honestly, you’ll probably even want to chug it.

Crafted in Tampa Bay, Epic Life Sauce was formed by two college friends who set out to create the best hot sauce. One is a Marine. One is a Fireman. Both are thrill seekers looking to bring the same excitement into the kitchen. Their Jack Axe Mango Scotch Bonnet sauce does just that adding a burst of flavor to any meal with a sweet taste and just the right amount of heat.

Get your own bottle and stop eating boring meals. Visit the Epic Life Sauce site by clicking on the image below and don’t forget to tell them we sent you. Use code “JOCKEY” to get a 20% discount. We recommend a bottle for home and one for the office, but careful, your coworkers will definitely try to steal some for themselves.

hot sauce



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Written by Silent Riot