If you clicked on this article to hear a Raunchy story about sex, you’re in the wrong place friend. However, Idid get lucky! Rams Qb Jared post over 400 yards thru the air with 5 TDS and a perfect QBR Passing rating. Now I could’ve titled this piece 2 ways the way I went, the truth, or I could’ve gone the not so truthful way the “ I am the smartest man alive ya like apples? how ya like them apples” way. What brings a smile to this damn face is this scenario happens to me ever year some free agent waiver wire pick up gets me big points for a week or 2 and I’m fangirling for an entire year. David Johnson two years ago Stefon Diggs last year and now Jared Goff dropping a steamy 40 pt performance on the Vikings. You could ask what made me pick up Goff? I fell asleep before my draft (too soon to talk about) and auto draft shafted me at QB with Andrew Luck and Marcus Mariota…. PAC-12 Football baby the best entertainment to soak in another dry night after the bar

So Mariota goes down and I’m in need of a Qb who do i select?

Josh Allen and his huge hands?

Mitchel Tribusky and his…..idk?

Samwise Darnold even though he is distracted by saving Middle Earth?

Jay Cutler cause i like seeing his name in my lineup?

No i thought which of these quarterback would Be bold enough to say he would “pipe” his head coaches smoke show of a GF?

Mr. Jared “The Sun sets in the East and Rises in the West” Goff. So i picked him up and we didn’t look back. Now I’m Jared Goff’s coach he’s getting me 40 pts a week and he’s texting his friends about piping my gf…..

Full circle