I was penalized 15 yards writing this.

What the fuck has the NFL turned into? It is getting to the point where it is almost unenjoyable watching the NFL. Yes, I said it, unenjoyable. Before we start let me not be misunderstood – I love the NFL and I love being an absolute waste of space on Sundays just to melt my ass in the couch and pound a 24 pack of Mich Ultras (trying to watch my figure) while screaming at the tv, my fantasy team and my bookie. But God damn it has got to the point where I literally can’t enjoy watching football because of penalties. Let me explain why I say it is “unenjoyable”.

Remember the days when a huge play would break out and you would go nuts because your team just scored? Those days are out the window. Every time my team – or any team for this matter scores a big play I can’t even enjoy it – it’s almost like a 5 second delay sitting there saying “please don’t be a flag” and then boom there is a flag on the complete opposite side of the field taking away the play.

Remember when Devin Hester used to just return every other kickoff/punt for a TD and you were mesmerized as to how someone can be so fast and elusive? Welp, now if your punt returner even “breaks” a 15 yard return there is like a 99.9% chance there will be a block in the back, or a holding penalty – or for that matter just a 15 yard penalty for breathing during the play.

Remember when Michael Strahan and Jared Allen used to absolutely annihilate offensive lines and just put the QB to sleep? Welp, now you need a God damn air mattress and a pillow to sack the QB.

I mean as a Packers fan I have had to deal with this during every week – all with Clay Matthews.

Week 1 against the Bears- clearly roughing the passer, I’ll admit it they got the call right.

Week 2 against the Vikings – the refs literally costed us the game. On a 4th down Clay tackles Kirk on an incomplete pass and they flag him for the most bullshit call and EVERYONE knows it – even Kirk said something about it. This game resulted in a tie rather than a win for the Packers.

Week 3 against the Redskins – Clay was literally called for roughing the passer against Alex Smith when SMITH STILL HAD THE BALL IN HIS HAND. SINCE WHEN IS A SACK ROUGHING THE PASSER??

I mean it is just absolutely ridiculous at this point. William Hayes – the DE for the Dolphins tore his ACL trying to avoid a roughing the passer penalty. THE MAN TORE HIS ACL – BOOM – DONE FOR THE SEASON AND YOU STILL CANT CHANGE THE WORDING OF THE PENALTY?!?!

It’s getting out of hand and it needs to change ASAP for the sake of the game of football.



Written by Double Down Daddy