According to my doctor, my routine involves too much caffeine and I need to quit or severely reduce my intake. I know, crazy. I’m looking for a new doctor as we speak. But he might be on to something. Every day I kick start my morning with a big cup of coffee and chase with a strong cold brew or espresso drink in the afternoon. It got to the point that I wouldn’t feel the effects of the caffeine I was consuming, yet somehow would still stay up all night due to the caffeine induced insomnia. I had so much work to get done but even with all that caffeine it felt like I was flying on autopilot with the plane in neutral and the only solution I could come up with was to drink more coffee. I decided maybe it was time to for a change. Even if only temporarily just to lower my tolerance so I could start feeling the effects again.

The doctor wanted me to quit cold turkey, but that’s no good for anyone. I’ve tried going a few days without caffeine and the withdrawals weren’t pretty. I’ve tried alternatives before like tea, but that did absolutely nothing for me mate. Then one day I saw an ad on Instagram for a new product that would potentially solve my problem: Mushroom Coffee.

Sounds disgusting right? Actually every single review said that the “earthy” taste was in fact just that. But the proclaimed benefits were too great to ignore. Supposedly, despite having half the caffeine of a cup of coffee, the nutrients in each cup would be enough to give me that extra edge increasing my energy and focus. So like everything else available on Amazon, I bought some. As long as no one is dying from this hippy stuff, what’s the worst that could happen?

Let me tell you: One sip of this coffee and I was one with the Earth. I called out to the wild and it called back because I AM Captain Planet now. I felt like little Mario eating a mushroom to grow in size and strength because I was ready to take on the world.

Ok, it wasn’t really like that.

First off, the “Earthy taste” wasn’t that bad. Put a little cream or sugar in there and it actually tastes like regular coffee. To be honest Starbucks coffee tastes way worse in my opinion. In regards to effects, I didn’t really feel that instant boost I normally get from coffee, which was disappointing because I picked a day at work that I had a lot of projects to complete.

I head to my desk and start to work. There was still some caffeine in there so I’m not in bad shape. Two hours later I complete my first task and realize I’m fine. Which means no withdrawals. I’ve had two cups of coffee every day for nearly the past year and I didn’t have any side effects? I don’t have any headaches and I’m not tired, so maybe this does work.

An hour passes and I complete another project. Two hours later and another one bites the dust. Then I realize what’s happening. These projects I had been putting off for weeks, yet I finally was able to concentrate enough to complete them. Plus it was the afternoon and I didn’t need my second cup. This shit actually works.

I drank some more over the next few days and saw the effects actually increase. Never once have I felt jittery or a need for more caffeine. Even better, I starting sleeping on a regular schedule.

I’m going to continue to use over the next few weeks and see if it continues. I will provide a follow up of the long term effects on a later post. If you’re interested in trying for yourself, I provided a link to the exact products I tried below.


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Written by Silent Riot

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