I am shaking. I have been shaking since I woke up this morning.

Who am I kidding, I have been shaking since the Rockies beat the Cubs 2-1 in last nights 13 inning NL Wild Card game. For those unaware, I am a diehard New York Yankees fan – born and raised in the beautiful 516. Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for (to be over). It is Wild Card Wednesday bitches.

Let me start here, I think this 1 game elimination for the MLB Wildcard is possibly THE ABSOULTE WORST rule in all professional sports, especially the MLB when the season is 162 games long. For those not good at math that is a lot of fucking baseball. The Yankees, who finished the season 100-62 will be hosting (thank God) the Oakland A’s who finished 97-65 and had an absolute dominant second half of the season led by home run leader Khris Davis.

Yankee Stadium is going to be an absolute shit show – either in a good or bad way.

But listen, as dumb as I think the rule it, that’s life so take it with a grain of salt and move on to the next tequila shot.

This is winner moves on, loser goes home and starts booking their offseason tee times (tough life these bastards live eh?). This is October baseball ladies and gentleman.

I can’t describe the amount of anxiety I have had all day. I have had the shits all day and only had one coffee at work today. I couldn’t even sleep last night, it was like falling asleep the night before Christmas but instead you don’t know if Santa will show up – and Santa is our ace Luis Severino.

I have mixed opinions about starting Sevy due to his rocky 2nd half of the season. But at the end of the day, he won 19 games and can throw a fastball 100+ MPH followed by a slider in the low 90’s…. which is absolutely disgusting. The change in his pitches allows for him to utilize what’s working and stick with it, but more importantly plays mind games with the batters. The A’s are the 3rd worst team in baseball hitting fastballs over 97 MPH, Sevy’s average fastball for the season is 97.7 MPH. But like I said, he has had his struggle in his past few starts but I have no choice then to trust the 24 year old on the rubber tonight. To the A’s, I know you have a hell of a lineup followed by a bullpen as good as the Yankees. Good fucking luck to anyone who steps in the batter’s box against him.

Tomorrow can go 2 ways.

 Option 1 – I’ll be the happiest mother fucker in the world and ready to go to Boston and piss all over Fenway Park

Option 2 – I’ll be at Best Buy spending $400 on a new TV after I hit it with the left-right combo followed by throwing it off my balcony if we lose.

 As a gentleman and a Yankees fan I can only say one thing.


 Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on the follow up of the game- but more importantly to ensure I am still breathing.