There is nothing more Uncle Ant loves than 70s-90s baseball, a fresh pair of socks, or a solid fact (these are not conspiracy theories folks, contrary to the title).

For decades the MLB Hall of Fame has shunned one of the all-time greats – Pete Rose. They claim gambling, but as this becomes legalized across the country and sports leagues adopt ways to profit from gambling – Uncle Ant calls bullshit.

Pete Rose was not blackballed from the Hall of Fame because he was a gambler.

Pete Rose was blackballed from the Hall of Fame because he is a thumb.

Yes, a fucking thumb. As I type this and slap that space bar with my “Pete Rose”, I am certain that a thumb is the all-time hit king. Nicknamed “Charlie Hustle”, I can not think of another part of the human body that hustles more than the thumb – typing, guiding your writing instrument, giving a thumbs up, grabbing a little pine tar on the inside bill of your cap.

The thumb is the king of the fingers, and Pete Rose is the All-Time MLB Hit King. Coincidence? Uncle Ant just asks the questions.

Uncle Ant