And so it happened. The sweet, sweet nectar that is victory hath finally returneth to my cup. I am elated with joy as I rewatch the highlights over and over like my go to porno when I’m in a pinch. Of course, I’m talking about the beatdown that the Pittsburgh Steelers put on the Falcons of Atlanta yesterday. As Usher once said, peace up, A-town down, bitches. The Steelers finally put together 4 solid quarters of football and it just so happened to be at the expense of the poor Falcons. Look, its not their fault they got beat like they stole something, this type of game has been building up longer than a summer of celibacy. You have no idea how refreshing it is to see ESPN talking about the Steelers for the way they play football, rather than the typical Days of Our Lives weekly drama bullshit that this team seems to love so much.

Today is quite honestly the first day I’ve felt even remotely warm about the Steelers this entire season. You know that tingly feeling you get deep down in your plums when things are going well? Well imagine that, but on steroids and then multiply that by 2. Its comparable to that moment when your jamming out in your bro’s jeep with the top down on a warm summer day with a slight breeze, and an Alanis Morissette song comes on. Apologies to everyone for getting Ironic stuck in your head the rest of the day.

Now I get it, nobody likes a bragger but today is my day so go get me smokes and let me enjoy this while I can. The Pittsburgh Steelers are back and at this point no one can stop them. I’m gonna be honest with you guys because your my friends, I’ve started looking at airline tickets for the Super Bowl, that’s how confident I am. Add in the fact that it just happens to be in the Peach State this year, and that just makes things all the more sweeter. So you can forget Meltdown Monday, Manic Monday, or even Meatloaf Monday, because today is Mark your calendars Monday! Meaning today you can officially mark your calendars that the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the 2019 Super Bowl.