This weekend Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in “First Man” – as in the first man to walk on the moon. Ha!! This movie might as well be selling “World’s Best Dad” merchandise. The “First Man” and “World’s Best Dad” are one in the same, illusions.

Let me state this – I have a tremendous amount of respect for Neil Armstrong and I believe he walked on the moon, contrary to some conspiracies. In fact, I know we went to the moon multiple times, but I believe we were no longer welcomed, and that is the reason we have not been back to the moon since the 1970s. But that is a different article.

For purposes of this lesson, the moon carries two different topics – the science and the visitation. Scientifically, the moon is a freak, we will hit on that first. As for visitation, if you think Neil Armstrong was the first to visit Earth’s original satellite … listen up …. you are sadly mistaken.

The Moon is truly a scientific and mathematical anomaly. The moon shows us her same side at all times – hence the “Dark Side of the Moon”. Much like a print model, she has her preferred angle, and that is all she lets us see. Every time we look up at the Moon, we are seeing it exactly the same as we did the last time. In fact, we are seeing it exactly the same as someone in Italy or New Zealand. To our earthling eyes, it never rotates. Why? Some may think – it is not spinning, it is only rotating the Earth. Wrong. Quite the opposite, the moon is spinning, but at the perfect rotation, speed, and distance. It seems as if someone designed the moon to allow the “Dark Side” to always remain hidden from Earth’s eye. Let that sink in. Why?

(Side Note: Do not confuse this with the cycles of the moon. Yes, she crests and provides half-moons, full moons, etc. But we are always seeing the same side of the moon.)

When Neil Armstrong and his Bro’s first landed on the moon, they said it rang like a bell for hours. How is that possible? Is the moon hollow? If the moon is hollow, does that contradict everything we know about the science of the universe? Or, does that mean the moon was created by an intelligent being?

Ingo Swann is a lesser known name from the 1960-80s with polarizing information about the moon. Ingo developed the process of “remote viewing” at the Stanford Research Institute and was tapped by the CIA because of his ability to identify people, places, and things through intense mind concentration. In the 1970s, as part of a CIA operation to spy on Russian activity in space and on the moon, Ingo held remote viewing sessions in which he surveyed the dark side of the moon. The findings were startling enough that the USA and NASA immediately pulled the plug on the moon program – not because of the Russians or another nation. They pulled the plug because there was someone else there. Someone on the dark side of the moon who, for lack of a better term, said “leave”.

This is some heavy shit, possibly ideas and names you have never heard of and will never hear again. But the truth deserves a launching pad. We were not the first, and we will not be the last.

The moon is the perfect satellite. It is the perfect observation tool – it is obvious, yet so unsuspected.

(Make today the best day, there are far too few of them.)

Uncle Ant