Are the Steelers the best team in the NFL currently?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, also yes. Just hear me out. I completely understand 3 weeks ago this question would have been laughed off quicker than I am on most first dates but today, it makes a little sense. Now, am I admittedly bias? You’re got damn right I am, but don’t let that stop you from reading this entire rant.

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals, quite the game for those who were not able to watch it, but that’s a different story. By law, that makes them the superior team, without a doubt the Steelers are currently better than the Bengals. Now using logic, since I’m a logical man and not at all biased, that makes the Steelers the best team in the NFL.

So, listen closely nerds, cause I’m only going to explain this once. Today the Steelers beat the Bengals, 5 weeks ago the Bengals beat the Ravens, also today the Ravens beat the Titans, 4 weeks ago the Titans beat the Jaguars, the Jaguars beat the Patriots, & and the Patriots beat the Chiefs. Thus anointing the Pittsburgh Steelers as the current best team in the NFL. what about the NFC you ask? No one really gives a shit about any of those teams, and any real football fan knows the AFC is far superior. Plus this is my article so kick rocks.

So, to conclude:

Patriots > Chiefs

Jaguars > Patriots

Titans > Jaguars

Ravens > Titans

Bengals > Ravens

Steelers > Bengals

It’s fairly simple logic to follow, if you can’t comprehend it then you should read a book or something. So what if the Steelers have lost previously to 2 of those teams, were talking current which the last time I checked means today, and today the Steelers are the King of the Hill. And if UCF can use this type of ass backwards logic and get a National Championship out of it, then why in the sweet shit can’t I? There you have it folks, total fool-proof, airtight logic.

***full disclaimer I wrote this before the end of the Pats-Chiefs game, if the Chiefs win I’m fucked and probably fired.

Jonner Cones