Are you a fan of Barstool’s Pardon My Take? Well you’re not alone. With a average listener count of 1.5 million, chances are some sports fans are bound to recognize you. Even if they don’t, you’ll look so calm and cool in this costume it’ll make any girl take a double take. You’re already king of the barstool, so now it’s time to dress the part. Scroll down to see how to dress PMT’s hosts Big Cat and PFT Commenter.


Big Cat

This costume is pretty simple to put together since you already probably have everything. If you’re not already rockin this look, well then you can thank us later. All you need is a funny tee, an awesome track jacket, jeans and sneakers. The final touches (which are the distinguishing features) are are a mustache and the shades. If you can’t grow a mustache on your own, then no worries, we got you covered.


PFT Commenter

This one is incredibly easy to pull off, and even if not done perfectly, you can just pass as any surfer dude in the history of surfing. All you need is a graphic tee, long hair and way farers. If you already have long hair and the glasses well then you get a pass. You can just roll out of bed and head to the bar. For the rest of you, the materials you need are below:




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