Halloween is right around the corner, which means it time to buy that last minute costume. As you shop for that costume, you have to solve the age old dilemma: Do you slut it up or try to be classy, or both? And of course, you need to decide if you’re going to buy a costume that surely 20 other people will be wearing, or do you try to be original and put something together on your own. Our opinion, don’t be another Mario in a Super Mario Party. Here’s some ideas that are easy to put together and can help you stand out in the crowd.

Ferris Bueller

Who doesn’t love Ferris Bueller? He’s the idol for anyone who has ever wanted to skip work or school and just take a day off. Clearly recognizable, this costume is great for the bar scene and work, especially since doing it right means taking the day off.

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Ferris Bueller

Barstool Sports: Big Cat and PFT Commenter

Although the Barstool Van Talk show was cancelled after one episode, you gotta admit, they’re rocking a pretty cool look here. Even if no one recognizes the characters, you still look fly and comfortable.

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Girl on her 21st Birthday

The 21st Birthday bar crawl is a major turning point in everyone’s life. It’s the night when you finally get to legally drink in a bar and you celebrate by trying your hardest to get kicked out of one. The best part about this costume is that it’s actually required to get belligerent drunk to properly play the part. Who knows, maybe someone drunk enough may even buy you a celebratory shot for your Birthday. So Slap on that dress, blast the Shania Twain, and have yourself a great time girl!

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9 dirty girl

The Daddy Gum Drops and BellyBoo

Everyone knows that the Office Jockeys know a thing or two about style, so if you’re going for a fun look that’ll impress the ladies, then look no further. You may have seen them Dateless in Daytona or Getting Drunk with Dierks and now you too get rock the same look. I mean c’mon who doesn’t love a man in daisy dukes. Shop the look.

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DGD and Belly

Blind Uber Driver

For those of you who want the simplest of costumes that’s sure to get some laughs, then try the Blind Uber Driver costume. We’ve all had our share of bad Uber rides, but navigate your way through a bar crawl dressed like this and you’re bound to get 5 stars. All you need is an Uber Taxi Driver Polo, some Cover-Ups Sunglasses , and a Folding Blind Cane.



Got any other clever costume ideas? Then send them in to officejockeys@gmail.com and you could be featured on our site.


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