Everyone knows we Office Jockeys know a thing or two about style. While most managers don’t approve of our dress code, our attire is a fan favorite at any tailgate. These looks are good all year round, but if you’re looking for a comfortable look this Halloween to impress the ladies, feel free to rock the same look.

DGD and Belly

The Daddy Gumdrops


The original Office Jockey and previously crowned our first Eating Competition Champ, DGD is in a Booze Hound league of his own. This distinct look makes the ladies tremble at the knees and all the fellas jealous. Wanna be a booze Hound like him? It’s easy. First you have to snag a Booze Hound Tank from our store. Next you need some daisy dukes. If you don’t have then just cut up some old jeans to a length you feel comfortable. Lastly, finish the look with a USA Headband and a Bobcat Mullet (if you can’t get the mullet on your own).

The BellyBoo


The sex appeal of our star competitive eater can’t be bought in stores, but you can at least try to copy the look. His style os great for not only Halloween but any other day you just feel like chillin out and indulging in great food and beer. Here, all you need is a Diet Starts Tomorrow Tank from our store plus some daisy dukes. That’s a more casual look. If you want to be a little more formal, add in the dungaree jacket and the USA  snapback.


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