Anyone will tell you that the peak of your life happens the night of your 21st birthday. It’s an unspoken rule that anything and everything is permitted the night you celebrate this major milestone. Simply telling people “It’s my 21st Birthday” means you have a free pass to drink as much as you want, dance on tabletops, stumble all over the place, crush a big mac, or just cry in the corner if that’s your thing. Why a girl on her 21st? Because girls do it right. When a guy turns 21, his friends just feed him shots until he regrets being born. When a girl turns 21, she gets dressed up fancy, yells “woo” every 5 minutes, and has every stranger in the bar buying her drinks all night long. You know what, you deserve that.

9 dirty girl

It would be easiest to borrow all this from a girl friend, but if you don’t have one then it is very simple to assemble this costume. All you need is a dress, a wig, and some 21st Birthday paraphernalia. You can try going even further by wearing heels, but I definitely don’t recommend it.


It’s that easy! Just let your hair down, blast the Shania Twain, and have yourself a great time. You go girl!


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