Holy shit where do we even begin with this human . My mistake, I don’t know what to call it but Mark Zuckerberg is by no means part of the human race.

Let me start off by saying, welcome to what will most likely be the final episode of Conspiracies with Uncle Ant as the extraterrestrial that is Zuckerberg will shut us down on account of treason against his precious Facebook. 

Sure, I may be late to the party but can we please talk about this Facebook Live video. The “Smoking meats” one. Oh, you’re one of the fortunate souls that have not floated across this cringe worthy video? Do yourself a favor and turn your computer off until the next Olympics. You can’t un-see this gruesome shit.  ANALYZE THIS

Can you  whole heartily look me square in the eyes and tell me that he is a human? Not some android smoking computer software and fueling up on robot oil. If you disagree, you’re part of the fucking problem.  I don’t know what it is but IT is not one of us. Is it an android? A Governmental prototype? A member of the cold blooded lizard decent? It may as well be the fucking I phone X at this rate. Honestly, none of us will know until it’s too late. But yet, there he sits, running the worlds largest social media platform. ” Humans like pictures. Humans like videos. Humans like internet. Must make Facebook. Must take over world.”

I’ll give it to him, Mark really is trying  hard to fit in but yet the reptilian in him overwhelming seeps out as he sheds his human skin into full reptilian. Still not convinced? Look at his body composure and posture. He replicates alien life form in all manors.

Look, at the end of the day, we all are merely a pawn in Mark Zuckerberg’s long game. What game you may ask, that’s the question that just may save humanity.

Let me leave you with this quote: “Try not to let stuff bother you as much as possible but it is going to bother you because your human and I was human.” The writing is on the wall. No literally, it’s right fucking there, “I was human.” This guy is a fucking orbit and he’s gravitating around all of us.

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Written by DGD