In today’s chaotic, hate-filled, society there are few remedies in which you can find solace in. Luckily in my recent months, I have found one of said remedies. What is it you ask? Day to Day with Ben Lewis, a podcast that has come out on the scene boasting some of the strongest numbers for a new podcast to date. Now let’s say you are one of the few individuals that hasn’t realized podcasts are the new wave. How long have you been living under that rock? The podcast world has emerged as a major player in the entertainment world, and Ben Lewis is doing his part in making his show top the charts. Day to day is simple, yet brilliant.

Let me set the stage for you. Ben Lewis is a 20 something year old college student residing in Florida that has led a life of observance. Every day he is noticing things that occur to everyone in day to day life, and everyday he is mentioning these things to his peers. Ben realized that the small stuff in life is often what the American public relates to in the largest ways. Then it came to him, start a podcast and talk about these things, let individual people know they are not alone when they get the squeaky cart at the grocery store or when they get the almost empty ketchup bottle at they’re neighborhood restaurant. Here’s the best part, Lewis does it in an utmost comedic fashion. With every episode he is bringing his listeners to tears by giving his take on what is going on in the world, or maybe just what got on his nerves that week.

Lewis is an expert at oration, and possesses a wit like no other. With every episode that is released Ben brings on a new guest. Often his friends, they indefinitely offer a unique perspective on how each of their own lives are. You listen and you have the feel of an authentic conversation taking place about real topics that people care about whilst simultaneously picking up on the strong use of sarcasm and humor. It is podcasting at it’s absolute best. Joe Rogan move aside, Ben Lewis is next up. When I was originally told to give Day to Day a listen by my good friend, I brushed it aside and procrastinated. A few weeks later I embarked on a lengthy road trip and decided to give it a shot. I completed four episodes that day and it left me craving more like a rabid animal. Ben Lewis’ words are healing, and on his show he exploits the problems that normally are brushed under the rug.

I write as a critic with a lifetime of experience and a dedication to discovering excellence like no other. In the case of Day to Day with Ben Lewis, I feel I have discovered a level higher than excellence. The fact of the matter is that with the level of talent that Lewis displays behind a microphone, success is guaranteed. As Ben has stated many times “Hop on board before it’s too late” , Day to Day with Ben Lewis is taking over the podcast business.


-The podcritic (Anonymous)