Okay, just so everybody knows, I am not feeling as angry as I thought I’d be after losing in the last second of a football game to a far, far superior team. I am feeling more relived. I feel good because today my sweet prince returned to me.  The prophecy was fulfilled. There is no denying the Return of the King.  We are all blessed to see that beard resurge once more.  I got to rub the magic ball and see what fitzmagic had left. Let me tell you, he whipped his dick out and said those vile words  louder than Jamies Winston ever did in that FSU cafeteria years ago. My boy fitz came out and in 1 quarter threw for something like 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. I’m so drunk I don’t know the statistics but you catch the Beast’s drift.

In the end, my beloved bucs still fell short to those skyline chili assholes. Now we sit with a 3-4 record good for last in the NFC South. As of right this moment we have to make all the right moves going forward to get into the playoffs. That is starting with trading away the bum that is Jameis Winston. Let me throw some saber metrics out there, Winston was suspended the first three games and somehow has managed to be the LEAUGE LEADER IN INTERCEPTIONS. Let me put it this way, the bucs are blessed with Fitz being on the roster. The King has drew his sword, raised his shield and muttered the elvish words Now, we just have to hand him the keys to the castle. It’s almost like when Sam handed over the ring to Frodo to throw in to the fire of Mordor.  Well, the NFC South is  Mordor and Fitzpatrick is our Frodo. He will never be the hero we wanted but he will always be the hero we needed. FrodoFitz will save middle earth (Tampa) and lead his fellowship deep into the hear of battle, that is if our coaching staff let’s him. So give him the dam ball, Kotter and he will take it from here. Winston can take an uber on home now. Check out the Beast’s reaction last week.