SPOILER ALERT:  Graphic Details below.  If you are under the age of 17, please do not read any further.
Well, the Bills dropped yet another.  Not that I expected a win, particularly with our fearless leader Nathan Peterman at the helm.  The wise guys that set the Las Vegas spread set the bears as 10 point road-favorites.  (For those of you that aren’t degenerate gamblers, this is a BIG spread for a road favorite.)  Seeing this spread and yielding the wise guys, I thought we would fall by 13, 14, 17 at the highest. Yet here I am, astonished that we lost by 33. Like a lopsided USA Basketball Olympic game against team Japan, to put it delicately, our asses were kicked.
Upon the first read of the box score, you see Peterman was 31 for 49 and may think, “Oh, that’s not so bad.”  As you continue from left to right on the box score though what you find is saddening.  0 TDs, 3 Ints.  Sacked four times.  A quarterback rating of 45.4.  I am not sure how they compute the ratings, but I think double this number is league average.  Nathan has started 3 games for a combined 7 interceptions. It’s actually impressive considering what little game time he actually gets. I tip my cap to you, Nathan.
This led to some chatter from an ex-girlfriend AKA EJ Manuel

I was never a huge EJ guy, but if we’re in the courtroom I think he has a point.  Maybe we would have only lost 28-9 if we had EJ leading the ship.  You know, we wouldn’t necessarily score more, but maybe the one less interception and/or sack wouldn’t give the Bears as good of field position to keep the bleeding going.  If I am Kaepernick’s legal team, I am lobbying the judge for a projector to be in the Courtroom for the collusion case because if they allow Nathan Peterman evidence to be submitted on behalf of the plaintiff.  This would be reverse karma from a former Buffalo Bill player’s courtroom tactics…. ah, okay.  I shouldn’t go there.  You catch my drift. That being said, Please don’t sign Kap.
Side note:  Bills Reddit is a dark, dark place these days.

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Peterman Buyout
The creativeness that comes out of desperation is truly remarkable.  This is something I can get behind. Let’s hope that this gets some traction and we can get some donors.  People have poured millions of dollars into political campaigns this time of year.  I think this would do more to improve the lives of the working class, blue-collar Buffalo Bills fan than any boring dude in a suit.
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Written by Bo Bo Benjamin