Today is November 6th. Normally, it’s just another shitty Tuesday. However, this year is a bit different. No, it’s not flag day but it is election day. At Office Jockeys, we will never shove politics down your throats. Your Facebook feed reminds you daily there is an election, the world is on fire and we are all doomed. That being said, I think it is crucial to inform and advise. It is with great pleasure, Office Jockeys is pleased to announce its official endorsement of Harvey Dent for District Attorney of Gotham City. Sure, everyone is distracted by some of the “larger elections” at hand, like Florida. But let us heed the words of commissioner Gorden ” The city only get’s fixed from the inside.” Straight from the horse’s mouth, Gotham city is a mess and Harvey Dent is man whose going to show up, broom in hand and fix it’s issues. Not only is Dent qualified, he knows how to clean the streets up and get under Gotham scum’s skin.

Dent is also responsible for the newly enforced Harvey Dent act. The act essentially keeps the most dangerous criminals locked up without an appeal for parol. There is even a national holiday coined after his heroics, rightfully named, Harvey Dent Day.

Dent has an extensive background of dealing with criminals. His most famous case was the chronicles of the Joker where he stood toe to toe with the clown menace of Gotham. With all of his triumphs, victory does not come with out defeat. His girlfriend, Rachel was killed after being strapped to hundreds of gasoline barrels.

The joker denied responsibility stating he’s simply ” a dog chasing cars” and it wasn’t his plan. There was a brief stent where Harvey did go off the deep end, coining the personality of Harvey two face. But what great politician has not had some stumbles in the road? Monica And bill? Donald and stormy? Chris Cristie and KFC? I could go on and but point is, Harvey’s moment of weakness where he tried to kill commissioner Gordon’s son and Batman should not be held against him. Everyone makes mistakes. This great city needs a savior and guess what? I believe in Harvey Dent and you should too. Gotham, get off your asses and vote.


Written by DGD