Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come.

A lot like Michael Jordan, when I retired from what I loved (sports gambling) like he did when he retired from the NBA (the second time in 1999) we were both “99.9 percent certain” that we would never return.

Although it took Jordan less than two years to later make that 0.1 percent chance win out, it only took Double Down Daddy 7 weeks.

What you are reading is no joke, ladies and gentleman.

Double Down Daddy is BACK.

After watching the Parlay Prince get off to a brutal 1-5-1 start, it was hard for me to sit here and allow him to give these horrible, horrible picks to the people I cherish and love the most, my degenerate gambling fans.

With this being said, don’t be blinded from the over excitement you are getting from reading this. This will be a different Double Down Daddy. A Daddy who will not allow himself or his pickers settle for defeat. A Daddy who will only give picks that he believes have a high percent chance of victory (notice I didn’t say the “L” word….that is step 1). I realized my love and passion for betting will never leave me, which is definitely a sick disease but we won’t get into that right now. This Daddy will have a different look on betting and this Daddy understand that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LOCK.

*For future articles please be aware we will refer to the word “lock” as the “L word”.

Rather than betting 25 games a week and praying 50% of them hit, I will be picking a few games but betting at a higher value. DISCLAIMER: No guarantee this works but fuck it anything is better than what was happening.

To my dearest friend Parlay Prince,

Hang up the cleats and go back to reading Theo Epstein’s blog every 5 minutes, because Daddy is back and Daddy is here to win (unlike you these past 2 weeks).

With tonight’s game being one that is such a close game, I believe the over at 63 is too good to be true, I believe the 3 point spread is some evil trick that Vegas is playing on all of us to suck us into this game.

So my first pick back is: STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME

This is going to be the best game of the NFL season thus far. Well at least we hope so. So with that being said, stay away from this game and enjoy the offensive battle that will be in front of your very eyes.

See you all Thursday morning for my picks.

God Speed my Degenerates

With Love,

Double Down Daddy