Consistently losing games for four-year?Rebuilding”

Plethora of penalties on third and short? “ We have to do a better job

Bushwhacked by the Buffalo Bills? “ They were the better team today”

This fucking guy.

There should be an initiation, or disclaimer, when becoming a New York Jet Football fan that reads “RUN NOW, BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.” But Todd Bowles, and the enabling Johnson, have taken this to another level of ineptitude never displayed by the Jets.

I have been a New York Jets Football Fan well before Curtis Martin was following his lead blocker to the Hall of Fame. I have worn this Scarlet letter with pride for too many years. I understand the need to fire Magenious, I knew it was time for us to move on from Rex… But Todd Bowles? This inept teddy bear is who the Johnson brother continuously entrust with a franchise… let alone a franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold?

Todd Bowles is the epitome of everything you want in an employee. Kind, polite, shows up at 4 am for no reason. Todd Bowles is the epitome of what you do not want in an NFL Coach. Kind, Polite, shows up at 4 am for no reason.

NY Jets Staff: “ Todd, why are you here at 4 am? The players will not be here until 9.”

Todd Bowles: “ Grindstone”

uncle ant

Uncle Ant.