This article was submitted anonymously. 

Everyone has that one thing that keeps them going in life. For example, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or smoking piles of weed to get them past their every day task. I wish mine was one of those two… I found out my sophomore year about this thing called Gambling. At first, I wasn’t about it because I wasn’t into playing card games but then Mr. Bookie had a beer with me one day and I was introduced to the good life!

My account started hot. I won $5,000 my first week which compared to my bank account at the time ($74.90) looked amazing. I thought I was the king of the world. Once I got the money, I blew it on typical useful stuff that the normal college kid needs: weed, Adderall, VIP tables, and low quality Strippers. As weeks went on, I would lose and win. After 5 months, I remember being up 13k overall from the start. At this point I thought to myself,  If I quit my job and focused on Sports Betting Full time that I could make a career out of this and move to Vegas.

Let’s fast forward 3 years… I’m now down (in the red) overall $21,000…

At this point there is no turning back and chasing that 21k is all that is on my mind, as it should be right? We are now in July of 2018 on a Thursday evening in a bathroom contemplating life as we know it. I’m down $1370 so far for the week, $370 over my weekly limit.  (Why the fuck my bookie gave me a $1,000 a week limit is beyond the point here). At this point of the week I really considered doing every bettors worst nightmare… giving up for the week.

Considering I only had $250 in my checking and 3 maxed out credit cards, There was no turning back at this point. Giving into absolutely no peer pressure, I proceeded to send my bookie the risky text “Increase me 250 for the week”. Minutes passed by, the nerves starting building. What if this week was done? how the fuck would I pay this guy? How much is a bus ticket to Canada?

My phone buzzed and I got the two most glorious words any bettor could receive from their Bookie… “You’re Good”.

FUCK YES!!! I got the extra $250 credit to play with… first bet is 110 to win 100. I lose on some bull shit home-run that cost me the Yankees spread. It hits me that Betting isn’t for me and I need to stop… but I still have $140 left! I go all in on my next 3 bets and win all three. Finished Thursday night in the -900’s.

The weekend is here, My bookie text me congratulating me like the bitch he is. Friday, I hit on two more baseball games bring me down to the -600’s… holy shit I’m almost there. Saturday was the day my bookie needed to call the Fire Department on me. I couldn’t miss, I hit player props, parlay, 1st inn totals, and I’m now plus $1,000!

Situation like these make me think about calling the 1-800 line for addiction because instead of walking away… I did a cannon ball right into Sunday. Wasting no time, I bring a pencil and paper with me to church and start writing down pitching match-ups and other data that I honestly didn’t know how to apply but I felt good doing it. By 12 p.m. my account had $2,400 in pending Bets.

4 p.m. rolls around, my account is sitting at +300… great lost 700 already. The 4pm games treated me no different, my balance is now at -200. I had about another $150 pending which I ended up winning so I’m siting at $50. I could have just accepted that I didn’t lose this week and walked with the 50…. But I still had my “ Lock Pick” that night. At this point I’m Blacked out knowing I’m not going to any of my Monday classes because it was my self-imposed Mental Health Monday Holiday that week. My bookie hits me up saying that I had a hell of a run and maybe should consider stopping this week.

FUCK THAT, HE knows my lock is going to win and doesn’t want to pay me. *Puts 1k on Yankees spread

My Bookie from that day never increased my weekly limit again as I went from -1460 to +1250 in 3 days.

Life is too short not too chase.

Lock Pick of the Week: (Patriots -7.5)


The Temp