It’s been a rough couple of weeks number crunching to get ready for my annual Bowl Mania pool and training to run a 5k for coming in the last place in my fantasy football league.  Long story, I’m sure there will be a video to come.

Fresh off a Chargers +3.5 ticket cashing last night.  I’m feeling good heading into the home stretch.
New England Patriots (-3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers
I tried not to overlook this one.  I like betting the Steelers because usually, they lose when I bet them and I have a few friends that are Steelers fans.  The reverse side to that is if they win, then the ultimate rarity happens and I win my bet.  Winning bets or sticking it to friends.  Win-win situation.
That being said, I’m going in here and assuming that Belichick isn’t going to line Gronk up against AB or have him play any defense.  Everyone will tell you to take a field goal home dog, but c’mon.  I love the whole renegade hype up as much as the next guy but after that embarrassing loss in Miami, I can’t bet against Belichick and the Pats.
Green Bay Packers (+6) at Chicago Bears
Off that impressive Monday Night Win, Bears stock in the market has never been higher.  This is one you take the best QB in the league and cross your fingers that in a rivalry game they keep it close.  Cali Bro Jared Goff may not be good in cold weather, but Cali Bro Aaron Rodgers is very good in all types of weather.  Take the points and sprinkle a little moneyline.  It’s a rivalry game and Rodgers is out for blood to show that McCarthy was the problem all along.
Detroit Lions (+2) @ Buffalo Bills
Two awful teams in probably awful weather.  Don’t love it, but I wanted to make a third pick.  Haus Money banged up for the Bills and the Lions with Matt Prater.  Special Teams advantage Detroit.  Taking the points and crossing the fingers.