I am addicted to gambling. There it is, I said it. I a m a d d i c t e d t o g a m b l I n g

It’s getting bad folks. All I do is lose but yet I can’t stop. I’m back to my old ways, betting on shit I have never even heard of hoping it hits. Had a great Sunday this past week, finishing 0-5. Yes, I lost every bet.

But you know what I am really good at? Fantasy Football. Yeah I’m the fucking GOAT in my eyes, and to succeed in anything in life you must first believe in yourself so call me cocky but get over it bitch, I earned this title.

Us fantasy owners are happy if we make it to the championship just knowing we can lose and finish in 2nd and  (most likely)  win your entry fee back.

But me, I’m different. I’m addicted to fantasy as well (go figure). I am in 4 fantasy leagues and for those who play fantasy know it’s hard enough to just keep up with 1. With that being said, your very own Double Down Daddy has made it to the Championship in not 1, not 2, BUT 3 OF HIS LEAGUES.  Insert *CARDI B VOICE* FUCK WIT ME AND GET SOME MONEY.

With that being said, if I am able to take home 1st place in all 3 leagues, I’ll be taking home $1,420. That is not a typo either. So please for the love of God I need you all to stop reading this and say a prayer that I bring the bacon home.

*PAUSE TO PRAY FOR ME* But with everything in life, comes the pros and the cons.

Pros and cons of me winning:


I get bragging rights for 3 leagues which equates to 20 friends I’m better than, I get a dope ass trophy, but most importantly I take home all the winnings.


I probably just take it to the casino and try to double it because I’m a sick fuck, but the big con here that hits me right in the front is even if I win all 3, I will still be negative in gambling in the year 2018 (do the math, I fucking suck at gambling)

Below are my picks for Week 16 of the NFL season. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you literally take the opposite of what I say because I literally lose all the time.

Chargers -4.5: The Chargers are tied with the Chiefs at the top of the AFC West with an 11-3 record. The Chargers have been the HOTTEST team in the NFL right now and it won’t be stopping soon. Rivers is out to cement his HOF legacy with a super bowl ring, and this might be the best team/chance for them to do it. Chargers go into Saturday on a 4 game win streak and a 5-2 record at home and get Melvin Gordon back. Their two losses at home this year you ask? Week 3 against the Saints (best record in football) where they got demolished 36-7 and Week 5 where they lost 39-28 to the Chiefs (2nd best record in football). Both of those team are top 5 in the league, so everything is leaning towards taking the chargers at home. With a playoff berth clinched, they are now fighting for the division clinch and home field advantage. This game SHOULD be an easy win for the Chargers, and maybe even play the over at 43.5. This just depends on if Lamar Jackson can get through the Chargers defense.

Steelers/Saints over 53.5: I know what everyone is thinking “DDD that’s 8 TDs to cover”. Yes I’m aware, but the saints are also averaging 38 points a game at home and if they can do that, the Steelers will cover the other 18 points of this over. Drew Brees has been playing like a pile of dog shit, but this is when Drew will return to Drew. (NOTE: I MAY BE A LITTLE BIAS AS I HAVE DREW IN 2 OF MY 3 FANTASY CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS WEEK). With the above being said, its looking like the Steelers will be getting James Connor back, which will open up the passing game more for Big Ben.

Broncos/Raiders under 44: These two teams fucking blow. They are worse at football then I am at gambling.


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