Welp another losing week.  I hear that hitting .300 is good, but maybe I have my sports mixed up.  I am clearly no expert, but I do know one thing.  Points are getting laid this weekend.  They will likely being the only thing getting laid.

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots -13.5 
We have come to that time of year where the pundits and talking heads, of which there are many, will begin to doubt the brilliance and sustainability of the New England Patriots.  It’s good for the ratings business but not good for your wallet.  I was on NE on the Monday miracle and on them heavily last week.  It’s time to triple down.  I went to blindly bet them before looking at the scheduled and realized it was my lucky day when I saw that they were playing the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have an under-the-radar good defense and I am expecting them to come out fired up. Bill and Tom own the Bills and covered a number larger than this earlier in the year. Expect the bills to keep it close for a quarter or two and slowly fade away. Pats.
Denver Broncos (-3.5) @ Oakland Raiders
How can Derek Carr focus on taking care of business at home when he has Nathan Peterman looking over his shoulder????
Green Bay Packers (-3) @ New York Jets
Yes. The Green Bay Packers have quite on the year. Yes, Sam Darnold has improved but it’s the Jets vs Aaron Rodgers. Lay the 3 before it gets to 4 or 5.

The Parlay Prince