Like the majority of my Tinder dates, You’ve been scammed. Catfished if you will into taking the bait that is this article. Nick Saban is not on the hot seat. He’s not getting fired just like I’m not getting laid anytime soon.
Anyways, here’s your Saturday picks!
Well, NFL is not my strong suit and due to the irregularity of who sits/rests of week 17, I will be taking the week off.  I will be back for the Wild Card round of the playoffs and will be publishing my longest article to date with some Super Bowl Props.  The highlight of my terrible gambling career so far has been taking the “Field” in the what song will Lady Gaga open with prop bet in Super Bowl LI.   I cried tears of joy when Gaga came out singing God Bless America instead of Poker Face or Love Game.  Keep in mind at this point, my Falcons Moneyline ticket also looked great.  We all know how that turned out.
Anyway, on to the weekend.

Alabama Crimson Tide (-14) vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Everyone is telling me to take Oklahoma thinking this game will be a shootout.  Yes, 14 is a lot of points to lay in a playoff game.   Hear me out.  I’m not taking OU, so quit asking.
 Lincoln Reilly is in his second year and is 35 years old.  You may be saying “He’s older than Sean McVay,” but don’t forget Oklahoma absolutely choked last year against Georgia.  Nick Saban is going to coach circles around this guy.  Kyler Murray will have some big plays, but Saban has had a month to prepare for this guy.  OU will score some points, but this is not going to be some 42-38, blindly-bet-the-over shootout that people think it is.  Saban is going to have a plan and it won’t be perfect, but it will limit Murray and OU a little.  Seeing as how Alabama is going to score on every drive on this OU defense, we can get to that magical number of 14 rather easy.  Once this happens, OU is going to be on the ropes.  Saban will have the spy on Murray and force him to make throws.  Can he make them?  He is the Heisman after all.  A Heisman that hasn’t faced a defense of this caliber though.  I think this one gets flat-out ugly.  When Nick Saban has a month to prepare for an opponent, you blindly bet it.  I would lay up to 21 on this game.  Roll Tide.
Additional Blind Bet:  Alabama Team Total up to 42
Alabama will probably score more than this, I just wanted to give myself a little cushion.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Clemson Tigers-  Under 56.5 
This bet is really all about my faith in the Clemson Defense.  With the spread being as high as 12, in what I see is a low scoring game, I lean ND with the points, but I hired a Venables hold back guy to stop me from betting against this elite Clemson team.  I do have to have some coin on the game though.  That’s a given, I plan to bet the under in this game and make some money to cover the inflated Uber cost on New Years Eve.



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