1-1 on the College Bowl Slate.  Hit that under with plenty of breathing room and then Bama let Oklahoma in the Back Door.  Side Note:  Whoever number 8 is on Alabama must have had more money on the game than me because that dude was running HARD and trying to score.  An Anti-Todd Gurley if you will.

See film from earlier in the game.  When I saw he was stil getting the rock, I thought we may get to the 14, but Saban is all business and Clemson is coming up.
I have some mixed thoughts on the board this weekend, so I’ll be giving you the one lock I have.
On to the article title:  “I hate myself.”  I do not hate myself for going 1-1 during the College Football Playoff.  In fact, that’s better than the usual winning percentage.
I hate myself because of my one and only pick of the weekend.
Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys (-2)
Yes.  I picked the Dallas Cowboys to win a playoff game.  Those who know me know that there is no one who laughs more at Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett than I do.  I hit submit on my phone and my fingers trembled.
Here me out though.  I took a step back and did some homework.  I looked at these teams on paper and had to step back away from the morons running the organization to talk about what matters more: the players.
Defensive Yards Per Play Allowed:
Dallas- Ranks 8th (6th at Home)
Seattle- Ranks 25th
Offensive Yards Per Play:
Seattle- 5.6
Dallas- 5.4
With the offensive stats, keep in mind that Dallas has only had Amari Cooper for half the year.
Not too much of a difference, with Seattle averaging slightly more per play.   Here’s the thing, even with Seattle having a slightly better offensive advantage.  If you take away all of the Dak, Garrett hate.  These are essentially evenly matched teams that love to run the ball and the only advantage on the Dallas defense, specifically the linebacking corp which is essential for the run stuffing.
Jerry World
Dallas is also 7-1 at home this year and Seattle is 4-4 on the road.  Look to fade the hell out of them next week at New Orleans.
Stomaching this.
I know that it is hard to bet on an organization that Skip Bayless roots for, but this is the play.   Even if you lose, there will be premium content to look for on the worldwide leader this weekend.  If anything, another Cowboys first round elimination could finally be what gets us the long awaited Steven A. Smith vs. Skip Bayless Reuinion.  A Win-win situation.

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