Todd, Todd,Todd. I can only think of one other Todd who had worse luck than this You: Todd from Wedding Crashers. Like Todd  trying to get over the hump of Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) not loving him… Todd Bowles could never push his team into prominence nor win the hearts of the metropolitan,New York.


Luck just never seemed to go Bowles way with the Jets. With a combined record of 24-40, Bowles could never get Gang Green to the post season. His best season was in 2015 where the Jets went 10-6 under Ryan Fitzmagic and they still managed to miss the playoffs. That just doesn’t happen, unless your Todd Bowles. Lucky bounces just never pointed in the direction of Bowels, he was a human repellant of it.

But is Todd Bowles really to blame? He had three separate quarterbacks over his 4 year tenure. Ryan fitzmagic (36), Josh Mccown (39) and rookie quarterback fresh out of the Shire, Sam Darnold (21)

Would bowels have turned it around this next season? Given they finally had their quarterback? The world will never know, being he was fired this past Sunday. However, I know. I know damn well. Todd Bowles wasn’t going to get it done. I’m not a Jets fan by any means, I have to live with Cam Newton and Ron Rivera leading my team down the dark tunnel of another missed post season. However, my roommate breathes Gang Green. For the past 3 years, each and every Sunday, I’ve had to watch the misery that was Todd Bowles and the Jets flood my TV screen. I know everything there is to know about this team because I have had to watch my eyes burn out observing this dumpster fire. If I have to see one more of my coffee tables become destroyed due to an ill advised half back screen on 3rd and 12 ordered by Todd Bowles, I’m just going to f****ng lose it. I’m ecstatic Bowles is gone. it gives me f****ng hope. Hope that the Jets may land somebody prominent, somebody offensively minded that just might push the Jets back into relevancy. If this happens, I just might get my Sundays back where I can loathe in my living room watching Cam Newton try to throw the ball over 8 yards.

Although your time in New York did not go as anticipated. New York Jets fans should stand proud… he did coin the new term for your team for generations to come: “Gotham City.”

I know you’re on the job hunt Todd, we could use a ball boy in Carolina. Check out this highlight reel of Bowle’s time in Gotham City.