We get it. You’re New Years Resolution was to get in better shape and start working out. You said nothing specifically about quitting the weekend blackout scene. Why should you? After a hard week in the cubicle, you’ve earned the right to go out and blow off some steam. You should be able to do both, right?

Wrong. You’re getting older and hangovers are getting worse. You used to be able to drink some water, eat some food, and move about your day. But now every movement makes you sick and it feels like there’s a tiny elf in your head going to town on your skull with a sledgehammer. Not to mention you stayed out way past your 9 P.M bed time and are absolutely exhausted. There’s no possible way you can make it to the gym in this condition. Or can you?

Introducing the “Bang Me Lytely” Cocktail. This combo will give you the energy you need to get back on your feet and hit the gym. Pedialyte brings your hydration back up to speed and reduces that nauseous feeling. Bang energy makes your heart beat out of your chest and gives you enough creatine to put in a serious workout. Mix the two and prepare for a speedy recovery. [Pro tip: Mix similar flavors of Bang and Pedialyte for peak flavor]

**Disclaimer: We are not doctors. If you have a heart condition, don’t do this. If you’ve never had Bang energy before, don’t wait for a hangover to try it.**

Bang Me Lytely.jpg


Dusty Cummings