A treacherous weekend of extreme alcohol abuse followed by excessive Buffalo wings lie ahead after Super Bowl Sunday . Monday morning will be the death of you . Depression, regret and what will appear to be a permanent brain damaged hangover, will  inhabit your body

Human nature tell us pull down the shades, slug 2 blue Gatorades, and watch the clock tick closer and closer to the inevitable hell that is your Monday morning alarm. That’s what Monday wants you to do. It’s time to fight back at Mondays. Introducing, the Salt Water Flush.

The Salt Water Flush is organic way to rid yourself of intestinal issues and bacteria. Essentially, everything violently shoved down your esophagus this weekend.

The Salt water flush works by cleansing the body of these harmful toxins. To put it politely, you shit your intestines out along with your hangover.

I just completed the Salt Water flush challenge and it’s what I imagine giving child birth is. Like a waking volcano ready to erupt, the salt water flush awakens a beast you never knew existed. That being said, my hangover was flushed right down the toilet and I’m ready to f**k Monday up.

Below are some tips, advice and what you’ll need for this exorcism.


  1. 12 oz. of warm water
  2. 3 table spoons of non- iodized salt
  3. Lemon for flavoring
  4. Funnel (optional)
  5. Wet Wipes (You’ll need them)


  1. Mix salt into warm water.
  2. Drink or funnel salt water. Recommend funneling for fast acting affect.
  3. Wait until blast off- typically takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour


  1. Don’t trust a fart
  2. When you think it’s over- it’s not
  3. Find something to hold onto- a handicap bathroom stall railing will suffice.
  4. Buy fabreese.


  1. Your hangover is erased
  2. Bloating eliminated
  3. Few pound’s lighter
  4. You have developed rectal bleeding
  5. Monday becomes the new Tuesday

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