Two more episodes left in Season 3.  Time flies when you’re having fun, or when you’re trying to remember what has happened like Detective Hayes.  I’ll save the recap for the critics and give you some good old fashioned detective work on what may lie ahead for the rest of the season while answering some of the major questions that have been posed.  Before sending hate mail to the Office Jockey HQ, please note that the question marks and storylines are gathered from intense Reddit Searching and are not exactly the takes of any author on this site.  It’s for framing a constructive discussion (or trying to anyway)
Is Roland Pitching for the Other Team?
If you go down even the smallest, non Hector Zeroni sized, rabbit holes on Reddit, you would think that Roland is Freddie Mercury.  I almost talked myself into this at one point, but I don’t buy it.  This dude was a hound at the Church earlier in the season.  We later see him with a rather attractive girlfriend in 1990.  Yes, they don’t get married and they don’t seem all that happy together at the dinner scene in ’90, but without the obvious benefits, why would he put up with this?  I don’t buy this theory.  Sorry, guys.  You may ask, how did he go from the Bill Clinton on the wall photo to the old hermit man in the woods?  From the sweet office to the outcast.  That is one of the question that I don’t think nearly enough of these theorists are observing.  I think it has more to do with “What they did” that we don’t know about yet than that word got around town him and Tom had some deep conversation.  I mean did you hear that primal scream from Tom in the interrogation situation last week?  I think when being accused of killing his son and hiding his daughter, he may have ousted Roland right there.  Like “Oh, you want to accuse me?  Let’s go tell the AG about our little fling in ’80.”   I think that this would have came out.   Tom knows the social and political ramifications for doing this, but I think being accused of crimes like this would have made him drop some facts in this.  Back to Roland the heterosexual-  Remember that babe in the dinner scene in ’90?  Remember what she studied in college? Poultry Science.  Poultry. Science.  I think that she is a Hoyt and that Roland and her didn’t get married because he wasn’t as into her sexually, but because the case caused quite the strain in their relationship.  Stay tuned.  POULTRY SCIENCE.
Is it connected to Season 1?unnamed-1
This is the question looming in everyone’s minds, as Season One was simply a masterpiece.  One of the only knocks on this season has been how similar it is to Season One, down to the Dolls, religious fanatics, powerful southern political institutions, and detectives with some whacked up home life.  (Could Roland bang Mrs. Hayes in Episode 7)
I will say this, I’m not sure that we’ll see Woody and McConaughey, but Arkansas is only one state to the north of Louisiana and the whole institutional religious conspiracy thing anywhere, particularly in the South.  Instead of a chicken farm family they could have done some Kentucky Moonshine ring or some Coal Barons in the Hills of West Virginia.  Even some old oil frackers in Texas would have been a hit and play well the day-in-age that people think banning cows and planes are reasonable policy positions.  There is something to the whole Arkansas thing.  I would love to see some Hoyt/University of Arkansas conspiracy in the next few episodes with a Lou Holtz like college coach that’s in on the cover up.  Maybe a first lady in on the cover up?! Ok enough.  I should probably stop.  Anyway,  I don’t think we’re going to get any cameos but they didn’t set this in Arkansas for no reason.
Strap in, Folks.  It’s going to be a fun two hours.



Written by Parlay Prince