This girl(Hot Lori as I will call her) is involved somehow.  IMDB credits Hot Lori for 3 episodes(including last night’s which I did not see her in)  Unless I missed Hot Lori in last night’s episode, she has only been in two episodes of the 3 and we only have one episode remaining.  Let’s take a look at those two episodes.  The first scene, as you pointed out, Roland meets her and THE CHURCH.
The second appearance, in the video above we learn that she is a POULTRY SCIENCE major in college.    We have one episode left of Hot Lori.  Unless she plays a minor role in the final episode by trying to take a bottle away from her partner grieving the death of Boyfriend Tom(which I do not think is the case), I think her appearance is more significant.  Much more significant.  Why didn’t they get married?  It seemed to be a touchy subject even from the jump, which is what led some to the Roland Gadar vibes which I haven’t bought, even though I don’t get why he wouldn’t want to marry Hot Lori.  Notice also in the video above, Hayes is talking about how beautiful there House is and how it is in the suburbs.  The house becomes a topic at the dinner table and Roland seems perfectly content with not living the suburbs/homeownership, American Dream type of life.  The Home wasn’t bought on a Luitenent’s salary or at Roland’s total and complete consent aka HOT LORI’S FAMILY MONEY.     At first thought, I thought she maybe was a Hoyt.  She may still be but she is definitely connected.  Hot Lori, in the video, says she is from LITTLE ROCK.  Do you know what is significant about Little Rock?  It is the capital of Arkansas, meaning she may be the daughter of a significant political figure.  The University of Arkansas is in the City of Little Rock so if she is willingly moving to what seems like a terrible place for College(and Church) there have to be motives.  Seeing as the Hoyts are the King of Chicken, that almost certainly means she has some affiliation or relationship to the Hoyts if she isn’t already one.

Written by Parlay Prince