Oh, how the mighty have fallen. According to recent news, the South Florida Police Department and essentially the rest of the world, New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft was charged of solicitating prostitution. Yikes. I myself, have never paid for sex nor have I ever had sex for that matter. Be that as it may, something tells me the billionaire that is Robert Kraft, has had his fair share of making whoopee. I mean, have you seen his 22 year old girlfriend? Maybe it’s all a front and they don’t engage in naked body pleasures, I know not.  I will tell you what, if she were my girlfriend, I don’t think I would need to stumble into an Asian massage parlor to get my rocks off. Yet, we’re all human, we all have made mistakes. I farted at an inopportune time in the 9th grade during pre algebra class. Robert Kraft paid for an OTPJ. Mistakes happen. Difference being, the United States judicial department may frown upon farting in class, they do not criminally charge you. Paying for sexual favors can land you up to 12 months in county jail. We’re all adults here, Kraft will get zero jail time. He will be hit with a fine and receive a shit ton of horrendous news until some other NFL bozo get’s caught on snap chat snorting Coke. It’s inevitable, the NFL is a breeding ground for stone cold idiots, look at Roger Goodell. At the end of the day, paying for sex is morally a hard pill to swallow and sex trafficking is something that needs to be taken serious and put to an end.