There comes a time in a man life where he finally knows his calling, what he was bred on earth to do. This past October, the good lord finally revealed to me what I was put on this earth to do. Demolish freaking pies. This past year, I broke a Pinellas county record for finishing the fastest pie on this side of the Mississippi. How many new born 26 year old’s can say that? I’ll wait. Was it easy? Yes. Will I break the record next year? Yes. You see, I didn’t do this for the glory, the girls and the paparazzi. no no, I did this for all of you. Those of you poor souls out there who are to afraid to chase your dream. Those of you who have the word “Can’t” stapled into your vocabulary. Can’t is the real C word. I did this solely for those of you who wake up every morning and think, it’s just too hard. Well guess what buttercup, life isn’t all peaches. No one is going to be shooting rainbows up your ass. You got to get out there, work hard, train and go get what is rightfully yours. I’m living f****ng proof of this. Again, I ask you, how many Pinellas county pie eating champions do you know? That’s what I thought. Check out the full video below and while you’re at it, check out our new Diet Starts Tomorrow shirts, guaranteed to get you laid.

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Written by Clarky