Are you tired of waking up and going to work day in and day out? Are you sick of the inconvenience of making major life decisions? Well worry no more, there’s a solution: Start treating yourself like the multi-million dollar company you are and sell shares of yourself.

That’s what Mike Merrel did. Ten years ago he split himself into 100,000 shares and started selling himself at a price of $1 a share. In the years following his IPO, he has gotten some attention in the press and since then prices have risen as high as $20 a share (although currently sitting at around $5 a share). What has he gotten in return? He now has a community of shareholders who vote on his major life decisions like getting a vasectomy (denied) or becoming vegetarian (oddly approved).

How does it work? People can go to and buy shares to start providing input on Mike’s decisions. The more shares you own, the more weight your vote has. Every so often, Mike will post on the site decisions he would like the community to vote on and based on their feedback take action accordingly. The idea (or the hope for Mike at least) is that people will vote in a way that will help make Mike’s life more successful.

Just to be clear, this is not an actual company. If anything it’s a fun little social experiment. You can buy shares on his site but it’s not like you would buy shares for any company listed on the stock exchange. Here, shares represent trust, in the sense that he trusts you not to vote in favor of decisions that will ruin his life, and in the sense that you trust him not to run off with your money, which he technically can do.

We’ve always been told that selling ourselves for sex was illegal, but not that you know you can sell yourself as a business, would you? Could you trust your fellow shareholders not to fuck up your life? I’m not saying it’s a good idea. I’m just saying you got options.

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