Watch Out Jon Snow, The Browns are now the King of the North!

The Cleveland browns just became one of the most exciting teams in the NFL which is a statement I never thought would be uttered in the scrolls of human history. The New York Giants, despite all there promises they wouldn’t trade their prized receiver, fooled us all. OBJ is now officially a Cleveland Brown. If you would have told me 2 years ago, being traded from the New York Giants to the Browns was a vast improvement in making the playoffs, I would have throat punched you in the dick. I’m well aware that make zero sense but neither does this trade or scenario where the browns are now, maybe, a playoff team. I feel like I’m in the upside down world right now. Just Image the fucking ego the Browns offense now bolsters. You’ve got Baker Mayfield strutting around in his custom boxer briefs acting like fresh prince of Belair. OBJ and Laundry diving around making one hand snags during warm ups because using two hands is so 2011.  Last but not least you have Kareem Hunt …. I’ll just let that one sit. It’s going to be a damn circus and I can’t wait. Every Sunday, I’ll be tuning in to watch what should have been 3 years ago if only Manziel could stay sober. Now, let’s watch every ones favorite athlete, Lebron James implode into the worlds largest Brown fan. Can’t wait to see him tailgating each clevland game with a box of Franzia. You pitiful alcoholic. I’m on the Browns train. Choo Chooo!

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Written by Clarky