A man remembers 3 days in his life: The day he gets married, the day he bears root to a child and the day he went to Wizard fest. For me, it’s not even a competition. My future wife, my future child won’t hold a mere light to my experience at wizard fest. Let me tell you, this place is pure magic. You become a different person. A magestical spirit overtakes your body as you hurl tomatoes at jesters or ride oversized seahorses. It is truly Disney world for bizarre humans and nerds. I couldn’t have fit in any better. No stress from my job, no stress from being lost in this corporate rat race we call employment. Just me, a dragon, an ass ton of wizards, goblins and god knows what else. It was a busy day casting spells on hobbits and battling the great barlock but we did it. Check out the full video above to relive my day at magic camp. Thank you to all of our willing participants who agreed to be interviewed.