What is better than Game of Thrones?

Difficult question, easy answer:  Getting paid to watch Game of Thrones.

That’s right.  Thanks to the sports gambling gods of the seven, you can wager on Game of Thrones. Who thought that the countless hours of youtube rabbit holes and reddit threads could actually be profitable. In many ways the Internet is destroying the world but sometimes you have to take a step back, pause, and thank the lord of the light. Below is a breakdown of the betting odds currently out. I predict this will be extremely profitable for the sportsbooks and lead to future entertainment props. Anyway, let’s get paid!

Game of Thrones
First Greyjoy to Perish
12:00 PM 8290 Yara -120
8291 Euron +175
8289 Theon +200

There’s long been a prop bet of who will rule Westeros (more on that later) but now we are getting some more detailed, and more enjoyable props on who will die first for each of the families. Let’s do a breakdown and try to get paid in the process.

The Greyjoys are just the worst. I am not as deep down the rabbit hole as many and I have not read the books so I may be a little out of the loop here but with all of their money, why don’t the Lannisters just build their own damn ships? You’re telling me only the blacksheeps of Westeros have the technological capacity to build ships? Anyway, lets get back to the odds. I love Theon at +200 here. I absolutely hate the whole Theon Greyjoy redemption tour that we’ve had forced down our throat the last season. Because of said reason above on only the ‘iron born’ being able to build ships, Euron is probably going to play some sort of a role in the final season. Yara is obviously the heavy favorite since she was in captivity when we last saw her. You will need to check with your book, but I actually think she will not be heard of or seen, meaning she’s not the First to perish IN SEASON 8. Lawyer up because the wording is key here.


Now it’s Euron vs Theon.   I believe that Theon’s time is running out. I think he’ll go back to Winterfell to try to fight with Jon and die in the battle, which is allegedly in the third episode of the season. I think the whole Theon Redemption Tour ends with him saving another character’s life or something in the Battle in Winterfell. While Yara and Euron are chilin at Sea or in the Iron Islands once Cersei doesn’t give him a shot of leg.

The Pick: Theon/Reek +200


Game of Thrones
First Lannister to Perish
12:00 PM 8284 Cersei -150
8285 Jamie +200
8283 Tyrion +250

This is a tough one, but I don’t believe the lines are right. True, Cersei is one of the worst but lets think of where these three lions are on the chest board. Tyrion is with Danny and Jon heading to Winterfell. Jamie is heading North as he finally came to the realization that families and castles don’t mean anything when dead skeletal ghosts are coming to destroy everyone. Cersei is in Kings Landing, hunkered down in her castle, and unwilling to negotiate with the Northerners. I think based on geography, it has to be either Tyrion and Jamie since they are directly in the line of fire of the Army of the dead. My own bias will not let me pick Tyrion. I wouldn’t be surprised if depending on how violent the show gets, he is offed, but I think it’s hard to imagine him going before one of his terrible siblings. After much thought, I think I have to pick the Kingslayer to perish first here. I go back and forth on this one. Part of me thinks that Jamie may actually kill Cersei but I don’t think he makes it back from that battle in the North.   I could Jamie’s death being a major point in the final season that really echoes the seriousness of the army of the dead.


I know what you’re thinking, Cersei is a bad word. A very bad word. Lets not forget though, Jamie is another character, like Theon, who is on a sort of redemption tour. People don’t want him to die but go back and watch the first few seasons up until his kidnapping. He was arguably one of the worst dudes on a show full of pretty terrible people. The only thing that has me hesitant on this pick is I could actually see him killing Cersei. Their fling has soured and Jamie isn’t one to balk at killing royalty. Cersei certainly does seem like the ‘mad queen,’ Remember when Jamie made the decision to kill the Mad King after he was saying, “Burn them all!” Well, Cersei actually did burn them all. I was pretty convinced on something like this happening for a while but after thoughts and watching the trailer and seeing how intense the battle in the North is going to be, I think Jamie is the value play here.

The Pick: Sir Jamie, the Kingslayer, Lannister



Game of Thrones
First Stark to Perish
12:00 PM 8286 Arya -140
8287 Sansa +175
8288 Bran +250

Lets hope that the Stark family doesn’t have to go through any more turmoil in the final six episodes. I have struggled to keep up and comprehend the Bran storyline except for he apparently has superpowers so lets rule him out.   Arya vs. Sansa. I think that Sansa’s character progression has set her up for some sort of ruling or leadership role in how everything shakes out, similar to her Mother’s. If there was a bet on these three staying alive, I might take it but that wouldn’t make a for a good article. People just don’t click on articles titled “Degenerate, amateur gambler picks all three stark children to stay alive at the end of Game of Thrones.” For the purpose of this article and picking one, I think Arya is the pick. She’s going to be on the front lines of what is going to be a bloody season.  I don’t love this one, but when in doubt, go with the person you know will be in the middle of all of the violence.

The Pick: Arya





Game of Thrones
Ruler of Westeros End of Season 8
12:00 PM 8202 Bran Stark +150
8201 Jon Snow +200
8200 Daenerys Targaryen +300
8207 Sansa Stark +700
8208 Arya Stark +800
8211 Gendry +800
8203 The Night King +800
8204 Tyrion Lannister +1000
8205 Jamie Lannister +1200
8210 Varys +1200
8206 Cersei Lannister +2500
8209 Euron Greyjoy +2500
8212 Samwell Tarly +2800
8213 Davos +5000


The great question that lingers over the final season: Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Bran is the favorite which makes sense since he is 1. A Stark. 2. Has super powers.

This one is fun since there are so many options, even though I think there are only a few valuable bets.

The real crime here is that Lady Mormont is not even listed! She defintley got a better shot than Sir Davos, right? Imagine this epic series ending with a “QUEEN IN THE NORTH” chant. Epic.



I think it can only be three people: Bran, Jon, or Daenerys. Like I mentioned earlier, I haven’t completely followed the Bran storyline as well as others. I’ve read a bit about how there are some parallels to the books and “Brandon the Builder” who apparently built the original wall. Keep in mind, you can bet on more than one of these. I think the way to go here is to bet on Jon and Daenerys and as long as one of them ends up on the Throne, you’ll end up profiting. Keep in mind that this is only a valuable strategy with the current odds. With Jon at 2/1 and Danny at 3/1, this is profitable if one hits. If Jon goes down to even odds or Danny down at 2/1, then you run in to some trouble.   If these change, I would end up flipping a coin and taking one of the two. I don’t think they have an incest union and rule together. One of them is going down.


The Pick (Depending on the Odds): Jon Snow and/or Daenerys


 I’ll wager on this one for fun but the first to die props are much better. Be careful with this one though. Without going too far down the rabbit hole, I think we could have a show where there is no “Westeros” or there is no one true king and we end up with a more Democratic Westeroes, split up into states where each community rules itself without one strong monarchy or Iron Throne. Lot of interesting possibilities but based on the kings we’ve seen so far, I think after the fight with the Dead, whoever is in any decision making capacity will end up pitching that maybe we shouldn’t pick our kings and queens based on their family lineage. Maybe this is just the American in me.

Just over a month. Do some reddit research, get a rewatch in, and let’s get paid and hey, maybe even laid!


Written by The Parlay Prince