On Wednesday, March 13th, the world went dark. For about 10 hours, people stopped scrolling through their feed and tapping those little heart buttons. During this time, instagram models couldn’t post pics of themselves modeling, and influencers couldn’t post pics of themselves…ummm…influencing? This wasn’t some sort of world revolution or terrorist cyber attack. It just so happened that Instagram crashed for those hours rendering the app useless.

This left the entire world in complete shock. Many roamed around the streets in fear that the world was ending, and with Instagram down, they turned to the only reliable site they could trust: Pornhub.

During the times of the blackout, Pornhub saw a major increase in traffic. After the first hour, they saw an increase of 11% over the normal traffic, which increased to over 19% during their peak hour of 7 PM. Not surprised. If I thought the world was ending I’d probably rub one out as soon as I could, too, even if I was still at work. I just hope some of these people were smart enough to leave their desk before doing so.

This blackout also resulted in an increase of the search terms “Instagram” and “Facebook” which really sheds some light on the true nature of these social networks. There was also a major increase in the search term “tentacle porn” but I’m too grossed out to even think about what that could mean. Maybe some people thought that if the blackout was caused by some alien takeover it would be less hostile if they found the aliens to be sexy?

Pornhub Search Terms

With Instagram down, people couldn’t stare at their favorite celebs anymore, so they turned to Pornhub. This list feels more of a search history than a statistic but how bout you @ me next time Pornhub.

Pornhub Celeb Searched

Luckily Instagram resolved the issue and is back up and running back to normal. But I think we all learned an important lesson that day. We never know when it will be taken away from us again, so view every story and like every pic like it’ll be your last. Or just learn to live life without Instagram and don’t wait till the next blackout to visit Pornhub.

Disclaimer: We are not PAID sponsors of Pornhub.


Dusty Cummings