Another year another escapade in the butthole of America, Daytona, Florida. That’s right, the Office Jockey news team loaded up the RV and embarked on a quest to the deep gloomy pits of Daytona. If you’ve yet to experience the atrocity that is this great city, life has eluded you my friend. It’s the Disney land for alcohol induced middle aged folk who are primarily raised in the southern hemisphere. So naturally, we fit right in.  

From the scenic establishments of Lollipops to the murky brown ocean, the clean family fun never ceased. Of all the accolades the decorated city of Daytona owns, NASCAR is by far it’s most premier superlative. The fine people of this city worship its NASCAR. Even the most devoted of NFL fans begin tailgating at 7 a.m. for a 1 p.m. game. These checkered raced fans of Daytona begin their tailgate on Wednesday…  the race is on Saturday. A mountanious sea of deranged lunatics Camp out in a hot ass RV with one pooper and shower for 4 days. The dedication they have for their sport, nay their craft, it’s resilient. Your move Goodell.

Personally, Watching cars race around a circular track for 4,098 laps is about as exhilarating as watching a tortoise walk a mile. However, the 4 day alcohol induced jamboree that comes with the COKE ZERO 400 is a monumental shit show everyone should indulge in.  Check out our  News video above and get a taste of Daytona, she always goes down smooth.


Written by Clarky