It’s Monday. You’re sitting at your desk hungover from another Sunday Funday. All you want to do is lay in bed all day and binge watch Game of Thrones to study for the new season coming up. But instead, a reminder pops up on your screen for that hour long meeting that starts in 15 minutes. Your boss is gonna ramble on about important updates and try to motivate you to “get that bread”, but you’ll leave that meeting knowing one thing: It’s time to quit. The only reason you’ve stuck around this long is because you have bills to pay. Well hesitate no more! We live in an age where people get paid to do pretty much anything, so if you’re willing you could make a solid living. Here’s some of the top odd jobs we’ve found:

  1. Netflix Tagger

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Do we not live in a wonderful world? Everyone’s favorite past time is binge watching Netflix, and now the media company is offering to pay people to watch new movies and tag them based on a predefined list of 1000 terms. Sounds simple but this job is VERY important. These tags are what Netflix’s algorithm uses to provide each viewer recommendations custom to their viewing behaviors. We haven’t been able to find the pay but does it matter? The perks are phenomenal. You were gonna watch Netflix today anyway so why not make some money while doing it. Happy Viewing!

2. Professional Sleeper

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You’ve quit your 9 – 5 job and watching Netflix all day really makes you drowsy. You’re friends and family are all disappointed in you, saying things like “what’re you gonna do, sleep around all day?” Hey, that’s not a bad idea. In fact there’s actually a whole career based on sleep testing. That’s right, you can get paid to sleep. It’s not steady work but you could make a few grand for a few hours work. Sounds like a dream job to me (every pun intended). As a professional sleeper, you’ll be testing things like new mattresses, pillows, and new pharmaceutical drugs.  You were probably going to test that combo tonight anyways so why not sleep your way into a career and dream about making that bread.

3. Rental Boyfriend

Dating game not going so well? Makes sense. You quit your job, remember? Ladies don’t want someone who is unemployed. They want someone who will provide them companionship and security. They want this so bad they’re willing to pay for it. Hold up: Loophole? It’s not big in America just yet, but in China this business is boomin. Ladies there will pay to have men pretend to be their boyfriends when going to big events like weddings to as little as a trip to the mall. It has become such common practice that you can even rent a boyfriend at kiosks in shopping malls for a designated rate per hour. Hanky Panky is usually not included, but for about $50 per hour, you can make a solid career moving to China to get your Pretty Woman on

4. Professional Cuddler

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I know what you’re thinking, even if it is for pay, being labeled “boyfriend” is way too fast for you. After all you just met. Don’t want to give her the wrong idea. Maybe instead you should go for a job that’s more your pace. Perhaps something that combines jobs 2 and 3. Well your in luck because you can actually get paid to be a professional cuddler. I’m sure you think I’m just making things up now, but I shit you not, this is real! Sites like Cuddlist  allow you to book a therapeutic cuddle session with certified cuddlers. How do you become a certified cuddler? For $150 you can become a “trained cuddlist” and for an additional $80 you can become a “certified cuddler”. Might sound steep considering you already consider yourself a world class cuddler, but the minimum per hour rate on the site is $60 with several cuddlers charging over $100. I don’t know about you, but I could cuddle up and get real cozy with that payout.

5. Train Pusher

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You ever see someone and think, “Wow, I’d really like to push them in front of a train.” Well that’s really extreme and borderline psychotic. If you’re willing to take it down a notch, you could have a solid career in Japan. The subway system gets so busy there, that they actually have jobs where it is the sole responsibility to make sure everyone fits on the train. That means you get to push them into that sardine can of a train car to make sure the doors don’t close on them. Basically, you get payed about $10 an hour to push people. Where do I sign up?

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