This past month, Belly Boo and company headed to check out the local Beer and Bacon festival. Nothing like some greasy bacon and high calorie brews to keep that KETO diet in check. If you missed last weeks brew review, check out the link here! The festival had much to offer, from an array of different types of everyone’s favorite mean, Bacon to 20 plus breweries. It was a great day to clog your arteries and enhance that beer belly. All was going well, an all you could drink affair was in store. Tragedy then struck. Belly Boo’s sophisticated paleate became tarnished from one beer sample. To be honest, a beer review was not in the plans but something had to be done. They say, evil floureshes when good men do nothing. Well, we at Office Jockeys are here to do the lords work and inform the public of the attrociety that is this beer. Maybe it was a bad batch, a little too much yeast, I know not. What I do know is that place should be shut down. Check out the review below.

Beer review rating: 0.8