Welcome to our newest section: Wine Wednesday, where DR. Shaffer and his rock of jubulter Belly Boo will explore the fine world that is Wine. From tasting the freshest grapes of southern Peru to the vineyards of France, these brave connoisseur’s will leave no corked un-popped. What on the dusty old cellar this week? Look no further as the boys wine and dined their taste buds upon one of the most delicate and gentle wines of all: Franzia. They say the only way to spoil a fine Cabernet is to allow the box to go below 55 degrees. Well, put your worries and sorrows to rest, the local CVS made sure our precious box of red-gold was the perfect temperature. Check out our inaugural review and see for yourself, Franzia lives amongst legends within the vineyard.

Stay Tuned for Next weeks review where we sifter the wonderful world that is Boons Farm Pink blush.