Chapter one: Move in

When historians look back on the year 2012, an abundance of earth shattering events come to mind. 2012 was supposedly the year the great Mayans finally got their revenge on humanity as the world was slotted to end. A presidential election transpired. Fast and Furious number 14 premiered in theatres. The world was introduced to the atrocity that was the human centipede. Most people, can trace these events back to a time in their life, where they were, what they were doing then. Rightfully so, these vast events will all go down in the scrolls  of history. However, one treacherous event blossomed in the wake the early spring of 2012. An event that would shape, mold and break the lives of all the residents who resided in this region. psychologist stand by the notion that the downfall of a human or humanity can generally be traced back to one catastrophic event. Well, I can assure you, the local residents of Hepatica road can all tell you exactly what they were doing on April 4th 2012. There may be an array of questionnaires running amuck throughout your mind. What the hell is Hepatica road? What led to the downfall of this tribe of people you speak of? For those of you who that have never had the pleasure of being exposed to the greater area of San Carlos Park, worry not, this is normal. Those of you who have felt the ray of sunlight echoing throughout San Carlos Park, you know exactly what I am talking about. As the surrounding neighbors watched in utter awe as 4 behemoths rolled out of a uhaul with natty light cans tumbling out behind them. This once quiet and friendly street had now become polluted.  18265 Hepatica road. This road now belonged to us and any of those who elected not to relocate would be subject to the chaos.

This home, as many of you very well know, became a staple in the collegiate community, a beacon of light in times of darkness. All people were welcomed and no strays were shunned away. As our neighbors scurried through the trails and tribulations to rid of us throughout the years, we held strong. Many had to cope with the fact, we were never leaving.

This home became trademarked as the Titz Carlton. A name that some loved, some feared and most were just completely disgusted by. Follow along with me in this 15 chapter series highlighting the seldom up’s and harping in on the majority of the downs. This house still lives on but the futures of all who reside there does not. Here’s to the House that Broke me. Make sure to check out our all new exclusive Park Rat shirts for all you san carlos residents. Use Code Parkrat at checkout for 20% off your order.




Written by Clarky